Unfolding the Pages of 2023 – A Year-End Journal

Welcome to the pages of our year-end journal. As we leaf through the chapters of the past year, each page reveals a narrative of growth, connection, and innovation. In the dynamic landscape of 2023, we gained an array of new customers and vendors and forged meaningful partnerships that propelled us forward. Our journey was accentuated by the launch of exciting new sustainable product lines, where innovation met the demands of an ever-evolving market. Join us as we revisit the insightful Lunch and Learn sessions that explored cutting-edge topics, the vibrant events we participated in, and a recap of the knowledge and updates we shared through our newsletters. Together, let’s unravel the stories that defined our collective success and set the stage for the promising chapters that lie ahead.

New Customers & Vendors

NEW Sustainable Product Line

For years, disposable coffee cups have been a staple for busy commuters and coffee aficionados on the go. However, their convenience comes at a significant environmental cost. Traditional coffee cups are typically lined with a thin layer of plastic, making them non-recyclable and slow to degrade in landfills. This results in an alarming amount of single-use plastic waste that pollutes our oceans and harms wildlife.

The good news is that there is a growing awareness of the coffee cup problem, and an increasing number of coffee shops, businesses, and consumers are embracing sustainable alternatives. Enter our biodegradable compostable recyclable non-plastic coffee cup!

Contact sales@montenegro-inc.com today for more information on our latest product!

2023 Lunch and Learn Topics

January: Power of Positivity, with Nallely Suarez Gass of Elevar Development

February: Microsoft Teams, Overview of the Setup and Benefits (internal)

March: The Hidden Health Benefits Behind Juice, with Alex Hilton of Juice & Berry

April: USLS Paper 411, with Ken Bates (internal)

May: Cinco de Mayo luncheon (internal)

June: Envelopes 101, with Mike O’Connell

July: First Aid Training, with the American Red Cross

August: Annual Performance Reviews (internal)

September: Summer BBQ (internal)

October: Halloween Boo-fet (internal)

November: Thanksgiving Potluck (internal)

December: Holiday Sweater Party (internal)

Events We Attended

January 7th Elevar Development workshop | January 16th – Maywood Fine Arts “Ballet Day” | January 17th Chicago CMSDC Town Hall Meeting

February 20th Maywood Fine Arts President’s Day lunch

March 9th BMO Harris, International Women’s Day at The Drake | March 21st Diversity Officer RoundTable, Chicago United | March 29th Chicago United‘s Annual Meeting

April 30th Brain Tumor 5K, for Team Emily & Elizabeth hosted by the American Brain Tumor Association

May 10th Roselle Community Food Pantry Volunteer Day

June 3rd – September 10, Andy Warhol Portfolios: A Life in Pop, a summer-long Warhol exhibit in Roselle, posters designed by Roselle Arts & Culture and printed by Montenegro, Inc!

July 20th BMO Harris Women’s Top Golf Event

August 4th The 41st Annual Taste of Roselle

September 8th Montenegro’s Founders Day Celebration at Gibson’s in Oak Brook

October 16th – 18th Merck Drexel Advanced Leadership Program for Diverse Suppliers in Philadelphia | October 19th IHCC Business Expo

November 1st North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) 2023, Brewing the Best in Milwaukee, WI

December 2nd Necahual Foundation Annual Gala, with silent auction forms, bags and more printed by Montenegro, Inc! | December 6th – 7th Merck Drexel Economic Impact Summit

2023 Newsletters

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January: Re-Energize Your Resolutions

February: 2023 Wedding Invitation Trends Using Viva Magenta

March: Moving Essentials: Helpful Tips for Your Next Move

April: Paper vs. Digital: The Great Productivity Debate

May: Emerging Print Industry Trends

June: Packaging Alternatives: Greener Solutions

July: The Role of Paper in Education and Literacy Promotion

August: A Paper Merchants’ Contribution to Print Preservation

September: Brewing a Greener Future: Celebrating National Coffee Day with Sustainable, Compostable Coffee Cups

October: The Illinois Lottery: Exploring the World of Paper, Packaging, and Print Materials in the Lottery Industry

November: Ink and Innovation: Transforming Healthcare Communications

December: Unfolding the Pages of 2023 – A Year-End Journal

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