Emerging Print Industry Trends

The print industry has found ways to bring new ideas as technology advances. From marketing tactics to consumer-made products, the print industry constantly finds new ways to stay relevant and appeal to the digital age. Here are some ways that technology has helped all kinds of printers.

3D Printing

A topic that has gained popularity in all sorts of ways is 3D printing. From building models to building houses, there are many uses for this innovative way of printing. 

CleanGreen3D is a 3D printer that layers paper, ink, and glue to create 3D models that are more sustainable than traditional plastic models. Although there is still work to be done to make 3D printing more sustainable, this model has created a new path for printing.

What if a 3D printer could make paper? Celwise has taken the concept of this high-temperature technology and applied it to paper. Heating up the cellulose fibers allows them to dry much faster for easier paper-making, molding, and forming.

Print-to-Digital Integration

Augmented Reality (AR) is a great invention that allows consumers to have life-like experiences through real life and computer generated content. It has been useful in many ways, but how can we apply this to print? Companies like IKEA have taken the concept of print-to-digital and used it to their full advantage by making their catalog items available to “preview” in the room the consumer is in. By pointing their phone camera at the piece of furniture they’d like to preview, they can place it in the room to try it out virtually. 

QR codes have made many things possible to make print more interactive by having scannable codes for mobile devices. Being able to make information easily accessible without taking up too much room on your print medium has allowed marketing to be more creative and informative. Since a QR code can direct you to a website, it is truly a print-to-digital superstar. 

Did you know, back in 2013, Nivea created a magazine ad including a solar panel on the page that worked to charge your phone. Along with the solar panel on the page, there was a small block to plug in a cable for charging. This ad was a whole new way of interacting with print since it provided a universal use to consumers.

Personalized Print

When it comes to digital vs. physical marketing, many companies still prefer direct mail to disseminate information. 

An article in Forbes magazine talks about how impactful personalization of marketing tactics can be and provides statistics from various sources. Here is one:

95% of companies that saw 3x ROI from their personalization efforts increased profitability in the year after

– Monetate 6

Putting more effort into personalizing marketing tactics makes consumers more likely to shop, purchase, and engage with your brand.  

On-Demand Printing

Everyone loves getting a custom-made shirt with a unique image or message. On-demand printing has been a trend for many years, and with technological advancements, it is easier than ever. 

The Cricut is an excellent example of a company specializing in at-home or DIY on-demand printing. The machine allows you to easily customize clothing, cards, and more. This easy personalization gives more power and flexibility to the consumer.


Many people benefit from these print advancements in their everyday life, which makes them that much more critical. And although we’ve come far, there is still much to learn and apply to our current technology and practices. We cannot wait to see what advancements are still to come.

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