2023 Wedding Invitation Trends Using Viva Magenta

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Wedding season is upon us! And we’re here to provide a breakdown of all your bridal paper essentials.   

Pantone®‘s color for 2023, Viva Magenta, is an excellent choice to bring to the wedding table as a representation of newfound strength while promoting a cheerful celebration. This stunning and vibrant color is perfect for an elegant invite design. From save-the-date cards to the final invitation and everywhere in between, here are some trendy options for giving your wedding suite a striking look while using Viva Magenta.

Paper Weight

When considering the weight of the paper for invitation suites, 100-120# card stock is the most common. The thickness of the paper will give it a sturdier feel in addition to being less likely to bend.

Paper Finish

Cotton Fiber
Cotton fiber paper is a terrific option regarding the invites’ physical aspects. This paper is incredibly soft to the touch. It can hold ink exceptionally well while being durable and made of cotton. Cotton fiber paper may be an excellent option for those who want to give the recipients a little more of an opening experience. Not to mention, the texture of the paper matches very well with Viva Magenta.

Translucent Paper
If you want something semi-transparent, translucent paper will delicately contain all the information for your wedding invitations in a fresh style. Designers refer to this type of paper as “vellum” paper. Translucent paper is becoming a more popular trend since it gives the invitations a special classiness. Although the paper isn’t colored, a crisp fancy font with Viva Magenta would make for a nice look.

Wedding Invitation Details

Foil Stamping
The technique of foil stamping paper has become a more popular option, especially when it comes to wedding invitations. The delicate touch of metal dies can add glamour to your invitation suite. Pairing the foil stamping with elegant fonts brings a sense of elegance to the design. Pantone®’s Viva Magenta with foil stamping, whether gold or silver, makes for a beautiful combination.

Belly Band
A belly band to hold all the cards within the invitation suite is an increasing trend and a great way to keep the group organized fashionably. Suppose you plan to use Pantone®’s Viva Magenta in your invitation suite but don’t want to go full color on the design. In that case, accents of it on things like the invitation wrap are perfect. Another trend that is making a comeback is wax stamping. It adds a special touch and perfectly seals the band around the suite contents.

Inner/Outer Envelopes
Envelopes get pretty beat up through the mailing system. If you want your envelope to look more upscale in its presence, adding a plain outer envelope for mailing can preserve the condition of that beautifully thought-out envelope you selected to accompany the invite.

Envelope Liner
When considering protecting your envelopes’ contents, adding envelope liners is a great way to add more padding to save the paper inside while presenting more design opportunities. A full Viva Magenta liner can make a plain envelope pop out more. You can even choose to do a simple liner with hints of magenta in the design of it.

Viva Magenta makes for the perfect color of ribbon. Tying a vibrant magenta ribbon on your invites can bring an invitation to life. Having the ribbon on white, translucent, or light color paper will go along with accents of the beautiful tone of magenta if you choose so. 



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