Re-Energize Your Resolutions   

Reset, Realign, and Restart

January may be coming to an end, but your motivation to succeed in your resolutions doesn’t have to. Whether you’ve hit a lull or have yet to begin, it’s always possible to plan better and execute your goals for the year. Stepping back and coming up with a suitable plan for yourself can clear your mind and allow you to restructure and fit your objective better. 

25% of all New Year’s Resolutions will be given up within a week.1

Write It Down

In the age of digitizing everything, it’s easy to plop goals onto a calendar or task manager. Keep your resolution reminders from getting lost in your notifications and instead, designate a spot to write down your plan. Whether it’s a notebook, a blank sheet of paper placed in a particular place, or any other creative area, writing down your agenda can stimulate your brain by ensuring that what you write down is clear enough to pull off. 

People who write their goals are 20% more likely to achieve success.1


Giving yourself goals is an excellent step in planning your success. Make sure that your goals are achievable – organizing your efforts is always a good idea, but making your goals too grand might lead to discouragement when they take too long. Alternatively, being specific in each checklist item can give you a better idea of how you can complete those goals and give you a sense of accomplishment when you can check things off your list. 

People are 90% more likely to reach their goals and objectives if it is both relevant and reasonably challenging.1


Having a reasonable timeline can assist in pushing you toward your goals. Time-set goals help you get the ball rolling and keep you accountable when you know the plan and how long each task will take. Shorter timed tasks can also be seen as being able to be completed easier; if you are thinking of skipping a day, remind yourself, “it will only take X number of minutes to complete.”. 

People who follow a set scheduled action in commitment to the goal are 76% more likely to succeed in their plans.1


Grab a friend or family member and bring them on your journey. Engaging in personal resolutions can be easier with someone there for encouragement. Completion of tasks can not only seem more straightforward but will also make you feel better when sharing your accomplishments with others. Even though no one can accomplish your goals for you, sharing your progress with someone can demonstrate confidence in following through with your resolution and drawing in support from those around you. These supporters can also lend a hand in checking in on you and how your plans are going.  

33% of participants did not keep track of their progress.1

Flexibility with Resolutions

Organizing and executing a plan can give you a fantastic sense of accomplishment, but it is essential to remember that things will sometimes go differently than planned. Giving yourself some leniency in moderation can ensure you stay positive and motivated. Rather than feeling down for not being able to complete a task on time, know that you can find another time or day to execute it and keep on going. Re-organization can help keep your resolution up to date and allow you to keep your tasks realistic. 

35% of all people fail to accomplish their goals set during New Year’s Resolution due to setting unrealistic goals.1 



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