Moving Essentials: Helpful Tips for Your Next Move

As moving season approaches, Montenegro is here to help you transport all your valuable items in an organized and efficient way! Ensuring you have all the necessary supplies before the big day will set you up for success and alleviate some of that moving stress. 

Box Types

Having different sizes of boxes will help organize and protect your items correctly. Montenegro offers various sizes of boxes for different needs. Whether small, medium, large, or extra-large, you can decide how much room you’ll need for packing up. Wardrobe boxes are great for those clothing items you would like to keep neat on their hangers. Dish packs are also available with printed fragile warnings and hinged hand holes to carry the boxes easily. Consider getting a partition kit to organize the dishes within the box neatly. 

Need to protect bigger items that don’t fit in conventional boxes? TV, golf, mirror, artwork, and lamp boxes are also available to accommodate those odd-shaped items. 

Protecting & Void Filling

Now that you’ve got the right boxes to fit your valuables, it’s crucial to think about how you will protect them when transporting the containers to the following location.  

Bubble wrap is a classic way to protect your items. This is excellent for filling space in a box with delicate items, keeping them from shifting around. In addition, bubble wrap offers outstanding protection for items that need special care. 

Newsprint is a fantastic alternative to bubble wrap if you are looking for a more sustainable option when protecting your items. This pre-cut 100% recycled paper option is a great void fill, and you can also use it for layering between items. 

Securing Your Boxes

After ensuring that the items you pack stay protected, you must secure the box itself. With a variety of strengths, colors, and styles, you will have the option to choose what tape will fit your needs best.

Tip: 3-inch tape is highly recommended as opposed to 2-inch tape.

Most people will double-tape their boxes to cover the width where the flaps close and then some, but using 3-inch tape can help reduce the amount of tape you use while covering enough space to hold the boxes closed. Remember to get yourself a tape dispenser for more effortless application of the chosen tape. 

Stretch film is a great way to bind, bundle, or fasten boxes together, so they don’t shift around in the moving truck. Without leaving residue, this option also has a variety of colors to choose from and can be of great use when you have numerous boxes to move and need to categorize various rooms. 


Specific box options like the deluxe moving boxes, mirror boxes, TV boxes, and more will come with fragile warnings or a “this side up” label printed on them. That leaves other box sizes and options without labels, and getting printed labels in bold colors can be a great idea for catching your eye regarding delicate items. 

Added Protection While Moving

Certain items won’t be able to fit in a box or might need some extra protection. Surface protection with acrylic adhesive is the perfect solution to temporarily cover carpet, glass, cabinets, countertops, and more. It’s also easy to remove without leaving residue or slivering when being removed. 

Paper moving pads can protect fragile items like wood furniture, mirrors, and artwork from dirt, dust, and scratches. This option is another great sustainable one made from 100% recycled kraft paper. 

Moving blankets protect your furniture and home appliances from bumping around in the moving vehicle. The zig-zag stitching provides consistent padding and protection for those oversized items. 

Carrying Boxes

Boxes are heavy, and you may want to avoid straining yourself transporting your boxes. Hand trucks come in handy, allowing easy movement of multiple boxes in one trip while keeping yourself from getting injured. They can even help you move larger objects like home furniture or appliances. With hand trucks available in heavy-duty steel and lightweight aluminum, you can choose what will best fit your moving needs.

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To Conclude

Planning well can make a move much easier and less stressful. Here at Montenegro, we want to ensure you are prepared for the packing so that you can focus on other aspects of the big move. If you or someone you know is moving and needing supplies, contact us here.

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