Invitation Trends That are Going to be Big in 2022

Are you planning your wedding and wondering what invitation trend to choose? Then worry not, because this article brings you the best-predicted invitation trends of 2022! Your invitations should be suited to your event’s tone, and the significant upcoming trends cover everything you might need. Here are some of the top invitation trends that we think will be the most popular in 2022

  1. Express Yourself in Your Invitation Card:
    Expressing yourself, embracing your personas, and staying true to yourself is seen as an emerging trend in 2022. Couples look to express themselves and their relationships journey throughout their wedding theme. And wedding invitation cards are no exception to that. Choosing invites that fit your personalities making them unique and eye-catching!
  1. Extravagant Details:
    Due to the pandemic, small weddings have become a norm. But even with a small guest list, there is no restriction that you can’t go big with your invitations. There has been a rise in the delicate, hand-finished details like embroidery and paper flowers used in the invitation cards. Some people also like to keep pressed flowers or foliage in their cards. It is labor-intensive but is very meaningful.
  1. Water-Based Invitation Design:
    Watercolor-based designs have a different way of adding elements and uniqueness to your invitation. It has a delicate, romantic sense while matched in pastels. It can also provide a bold look with bright colors. The concept is to choose something that aligns with your overall ceremony fashion. These elements can be brought in your events website/app, electronic mail, and other stationeries. Many people also request incorporating this watercolor style into their venues. This after-color style has a unique touch that makes a card memorable.
  1. Caricature Infused Designs:
    Caricature designs are a great way to bring some fun into your invites! These drawings are adorable and personal, where you can customize them to your liking and get them printed as invitation cards and also incorporate them into your event decorations. Having these on your invites allows your guest to have an insight into your event’s atmosphere. Not only that, the best part about these is that every design is different and unique. If these were used as a wedding invite you can select what defines both of you. This one is a new entrant inside the marketplace and is here to stay due to its appreciation.
  1.  Minimalist Suites:
    The minimalist cards have straightforward typography, which makes communicating necessary information easy. Minimalism is huge right now, especially being incorporated in weddings. This contemporary style will be huge in 2022 with neutral hues and simple fonts. A typical minimalistic design looks like white paper with spaced-out black text. But there are no restrictions. You can put your spin to it by playing with different fonts and colors and making it aesthetic or fitting your event themes. 
  1. Custom Maps:
    Custom maps incorporated in the invitation cards also seem to be emerging in 2022. Most couples who likely have a destination wedding or have out-of-town guests go for this card type. This style is both aesthetic and functional because it provides a map of the area, which is a nice touch and helpful for the guests to move around the town. You can also include some personal details in the card by adding some need-to-know places or highlighting your favorite spots or spots that you have a memory of with your significant other.
  1. Eco-Friendly Cards:
    In 2022 a considerable focus will be set on being environmentally friendly, and most of the couples are consciously planning their event with the environmental impact. Reducing your carbon footprint when planning your wedding is a must! But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. With invitation cards, you can get them designed thoughtfully using recycled paper, seed infused paper, or even plant-based paper.
  1. Vellum:
    Vellum is a semi-translucent paper that has a frosted finish. When combined with the traditional fonts, the translucent paper can look majestic. The possibility for the font colors is endless. From metallic to gold and copper to glitter, you can add anything to your vellum. People want to be different and stand out more in 2022 while still elegant. Well, if that’s your aesthetic, then you’ll indeed like this upcoming trend.


Everyone likes to leave an impact on others. People want everything to be perfect, especially when it comes to weddings or other big events. Being able to personalize small details like the invitation cards is important to many. These new trends are honestly quite astounding and can make your invitation cards tell a story. Contact Montenegro today and get your custom invite cards printed the way you like.

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