Take a Dive into the Latest Sustainable Packaging Trends in 2021

Sustainable packaging has been in the marketing industry for decades. People are always in the run for brands and their products. With the rise of 2021, sustainable packaging trends have a lot of influence over people’s selection of products. The innovations done in sustainable packaging are driven by the consumer’s knowledge about the products and the brands they are buying. There are so many consumers that are even willing to pay extra for the sustainable packaging that the products are being packed. Read on below to know more trends of sustainable packaging.

Parent packing that can be refilled

Wastage is something that has become a major note point in this developing modern society. Thus, it is important to follow the “Zero Waste” initiatives. This cause can be majorly satisfied by the use of refillable containers. This takes place upon simple procedure where the products that are being available in the market are present in wholesale. People and consumers who are willing to buy the product bring the containers that can be refilled. In this way, the wastage of containers can be prevented. There are many personal care products that are available in this kind of packaging.

The Zero Waste policy is thinking about the resources before throwing them away and thinking about recycling them and using them again so that you do not throw off anything that can be potential. There are so many plastic items that are being produced. On the other hand, only nine per cent of the plastic is being recycled.

The refillable containers can pave a new path of providing cost manufacturing and other cost reductions. It also decreases the wastage of the containers that are happening.

Returnable packaging

This returnable packaging is also called reusable packaging. Manufacturers have always been on the track with returnable packaging. This is not new in the industry. There are so many products such as sacs, drums and other packaging items that have been reused in the marketing industry. This trend continues in 2021 also. 

This returning of the containers and reusing them has caused positive effects upon the environment that we are living in. There is so much software such as returnable managing software and systems that can be used for the same. Many manufacturing industries have adopted these returnable packages. This has also reduced the cost of manufacturing new containers from scratch all over again for each sale and supply cycle.

Eat your package

This is something interesting. Have you ever heard about eating the packages? For some people, this might be new. But there are already so many manufacturers that have implemented this process. This makes the entire marketing interesting. This edible packaging process does not just come under sustainable packaging but also comes under marketing strategy. Chitosan is one of the products that is used to make these edible packaging. However, there are many other compounds that are being used for creating packaging. 

This packaging compound is used and chosen by many manufacturers. This is because the packages made of chitosan is edible and also contains many anti-bacteria that protects the food within the package from various other activities. It blocks the oxygen supply that reduces the bacterial growth and other formations that can happen to the item within the edible package. This is one of the best ideas and trends of sustainable packaging.

Bio-plastics are the new-go

There is a cycle that is used to produce these bio-plastic. The following steps are done to obtain the final product. They are:

  • The plant-based materials such as cellulose, starch etc., are collected and extracted.
  • These plant-based materials that are collected or extracted are carried out in a process called dissolution, and they are dissolved into lactic acid or ethanol.
  • This biological product that is obtained after dissolution is added with chemical compounds such as resin, polyethylene etc., which helps in bond formation.
  • This compound that is made from chemicals and biological mixture is used to make materials by pouring the product into the mould to create the bioplastic packaging materials.
  • The major advantage of using this bio-plastic is that UV sunlight, heat and oxygen is used in the decomposition process. The decomposition process takes up to 80 days.

Thus, using containers that are made up of bio-plastic can be again shredded, decomposed and reused. This reduces the container manufacturing cost and protects the environment.

Have you ever heard of anti-microbial packing?

Reduction of product waste can also be made by using anti-microbial containers. This has been proven by many manufacturers and is thus being used by various other manufacturers also. This is a great example set in the sustainable packaging trends. There are few scientists who have experimented and made a film that can be used for packaging with the clay material. The fact is that clay has proven to provide microbial action and protected the food from becoming rotten. It also kept the food much fresher. This process also helps keep the product fresher for a longer period without adding any chemical substances. Thus, using these types of packaging can also help in providing a healthy lifestyle to people and a wasteless environment for future generations to come.

Recycled resin

The idea of recycling has become enormously great and thus is still on the count. The manufacturing companies and markets have been trying to recycle the containers that are being thrown away by the consumers in a much effective manner. PCR resin is acting like plastic nearly, but the advantage is that it can be recycled much efficiently. It has also been found that PCR resin does not produce much environmental damage such as plastic. This PCR resin is being adopted by various manufacturing industries that are operating in various fields from electronics to retails.

The bottom line

Thus, there are so many sustainable packaging that is being a trend in 2021. If you are a manufacturer, reduce the cost of manufacturing containers by using these methodologies. You can also protect your consumers from food wastage and health damage, also playing the best part in protecting society for good.

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