A Step-by-Step Guide to Digital Printing

Technical advancement has brought the golden age of digital printing, where it miraculously revolutionized photo printing with its efficacy and perfection. Digital printing enhances your business by personalizing promotional products and brings an elegant appearance to attract customers. It is a unique method that brings effective results by increasing overall communications. With its latest sophisticated software, you can print different media like fabric, paper, plastic, acrylic, etc., directly from a digital image. Moreover, you can professionally print the sources.

Digital printing may seem more expensive than the conventional method. However, it eliminates the cost of making printing plates that brings down the overall cost. Now, with digital print, you can print thousands of sheets at an affordable price. In addition, Digital printing can be done in a short time and can easily alter the images for each impression. High clarity images with precision printing improve the value of your business. Here let us see the step-by-step process for digital printing.

Generate an idea

You need to clear your design about what you want you to achieve and your target market? Clearly understanding the purpose will surely help to bring the brainstorming results.

Use relevant content

Once you are clear about your idea, include logos, pictures, and text in the content. Therefore, your branding message will remain in your customer’s minds. Make use of the attractive colors, great visuals, and text that represents your company’s brand.

Keep it professional

Did you want to put forward your company’s image? Make it professional. Otherwise, it spoils your reputation. If you cannot afford a full-time in-house designer, then outsource the design to a professional. You may need to pay a greater amount, but if the design is good, you can use it whenever you want. Professional designs will earn trust and build your reputation.


Whatever content you create, proofreading is an absolute necessity. Going over your content will ensure that there is no grammatical error and finalize the product with utmost perfection.

Get ready your work for printing 

If the content and the design are ready, you should save it in print-ready format. It is in CMYK format and 300 dpi. It ensures the quality of the design and keeps it ready for the digital printing process. However, if you don’t save it in 300 dpi, the pixels disintegrate due to the low-resolution image, impacting the final image.

It is best to take your design to the printing company rather than doing it yourself. The professionals know the process clearly and deliver you the precise printing.

Step 1

Make sure to select the digital printing company with its own artists to customize your designs as per your instructions and requirements. With their experience, they have a detailed view and intimate you to further changes in the designs to bring greater results. If the design is ready, they will email the designs and ask for any changes to incorporate. Then, they make the relevant changes and send you the final designs. Therefore, you can go ahead and move to the next step. 

Step 2

If you approve the final design, the artwork is saved in the appropriate file format with the correct resolution to bring quality printing. With the proper measures, the printer will recognize and print the design without any error. 

Step 3

In order to get quality printing, the print heads are cleaned with a special fluid so that the printer doesn’t become dry and suffer any damage. After every 100 prints, this step is repeated where sometimes the heads should be cleaned before completing 100 prints. It will depend on the amount of color in print.

Step 4

In this phase, a series of checks are conducted. With every printing, the printer produces some waste ink, and it is collected in a drum. This drum needs to be monitored and regularly emptied to ensure that no ink spills out. Next, the printing machine is cleaned with its container of cleaner. The container is filled whenever the cleaner levels get low. In the printing process, the cleaner is critical to maintain and hence take care of it to ensure that the printer never runs out of this cleaner. Whenever the printer stops and restarts, a certain amount of cleaner is used. Know that the insufficient cleaner will damage the heads. The ink temperature should be checked where it should operate between temperatures 20- and 25-degrees C. When the machine is set above this temperature, it will damage the printer heads. 

Step 5

This step ensures the customer’s design on the product once all the checks have been conducted successfully. 

Step 6

In order to hold the product, there are different-sized pallets available. Depending on the type of work, the appropriately sized pallet is attached to the printing machine, and the product is ready for printing. 

Step 7

The product is printed absolutely flat on the board without any creases so that the print will be available with quality. The print will get distorted if there are any creases. 

Step 8

Digital printing is the same as conventional printing, where its print heads move from side to side on the product, spraying the design on it. 

Step 9

Once the printing is complete, the product will be removed from the pallet with utmost care. It is then passed through a huge dryer to ensure that the print adheres securely. 

Step 10 

The final step is the quality check. Technicians undergo quality checks and ensure that the product is printed with high quality. Once it is over, the products are packed and dispatched readily. 

Wrapping it up

Nowadays, digital printing is becoming very popular due to the clarity and precision of work it offers. It is widely used in the textile sector to print fabrics. In addition to clarity, digital print is cost-effective, and you can get in faster turnaround time. So, if you want to print your products, look for a reliable digital printing company. With state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated workforce, they deliver the products on time with precision. Therefore, you can make your product stand ahead of the competitors and increase your ROI.

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