Tips to Use Packaging Inserts to Increase Customer Base

Are you looking for new ways to enhance brand awareness, sales, and loyalty from your

targeted audience? Marketing with packaging inserts can be one of the best items to include.

Packaging inserts are usually unexpected and can also help to build goodwill with the new

audience. Your customer does not need to pay any additional fees for the packaging which

helps add additional value to your brand. However, you want to do all the necessary things to

grab the attention of your audience.

One of the most common, popular, and effective ways to approach the audience and make

them turn to you is packaging inserts. Though you can send these out in emails, including

them right in the box ensures your customer will get the offer in hand rather than them ending

up in a spam folder. This will also leave them with a tangible reminder. There are many

ways to present these messages but choosing the most efficient and creative way that works

for your brand is up to you. Here are some ideas that will help you create a greater impact on

your products. Try them out!

1. Know about packaging inserts

Package inserts are one of the most common items. It is often offered with the product, giving

the consumer information about the product as a whole. However, the modern-day definition

has drastically changed. They are no longer restricted to the documentation, as there are so

many things regarding the packaging inserts. These are one of the best ways and use

personalized notes, festival greetings, stuffed toys, etc. With the help of packaging inserts,

online store owners can increase brand loyalty among the customer and increase revenue in

the long run.

2. Thank you cards and personal messages

The simplest, least expensive, and most personalized insert you can add to the customer

package is the handwritten thank you card. The simple card can do wonders, and it will be a

thoughtful gesture and construct loyalty. The card may be particularly effective in the most

competitive industry. However, you have to think creatively and bring out things that get

more visibility.

3. Have a clever shout-out request

With the right design behind your message, you can ask happy customers to share their

experience with your product or service. Be confident in your products and take marketing

with package inserts to the new level by requesting social media shout-outs, other feedback

and product reviews for the eyes of the new clients. You have to add the company’s current

information, so it is easy for them to find you. These days, the role of the customer is

outstanding, and it is necessary for bringing new clients, so you should make it as easy as

possible for them to leave you a great review.

4. Sweeten with free samples

One way to ensure your product line gets the exposure it needs is to send it out as a free

sample. Customers love to receive a bonus in their package that they did not have to spend

extra on. Tossing some free samples into the packages is an excellent way to market the

package inserts. These additional products will cost very little, but these will be an excellent

way to increase customer satisfaction and grow your audience and customer satisfaction.

5. Eye-catchy catalogs

Adding a catalog of the current selection or the upcoming line is one of the colorful ways

to get the audience’s attention. Even a simple and small catalog will help create more

exposure to your additional products or related products these customers may be interested in.

6. Present simple and small gifts

A small and simple gift can be a great way to surprise and delight the customers without

making them feel like you are trying to sell them any other products. The gift you choose

does not need to be expensive, but it should capture the audience’s mind. Ensure it aligns

with your products and indirectly urges the audience to look for your products. Choose the

gift based not only on the cost but also on many factors to grow your business effectively.

Prepare your packaging inserts now!

Overall, packaging inserts are really about offering the most value by exceeding expectations

and matching the right offer with your audience. As with all the direct marketing efforts, you

have to ensure that the different package insert programs will work based on the business.

Find what best works for you to ensure an increase in loyalty, sales, and profit for your

business. Take the next step and begin benefiting from your custom packing inserts!

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