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How Packaging Can Solve Our Food Waste Conundrum

The main advantage and attractive part of the food industry lies in the packing of the food. That means that food packaging plays a very important role. It reduces food wastage as the perfect package keeps the food retained for a longer period of time. Packaging can be split into two categories: packages related to…
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Hemptone, a New Collection for a New Generation

Montenegro partners with French Paper to celebrate their new product, Hemptone! The grade contains 15% hemp fibers, as well as, 30% Post-Consumer Waste. Hemp provides a renewable, plant-based fiber with a short growing cycle, and as always, produced with on-site and sustainable hydroelectric power. Hemptone offers 6 colors in weights ranging from 70 Text up…
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How to Increase Brand Awareness

Make shoppers excited about your brand! Packaging plays a vital role in the decision of whether or not they should buy. It’s simple, good packaging sells products faster. Almost two-thirds (64 percent) of shoppers have tried something new because the packaging caught their eye, while 41 percent have made a repeat purchase because of the…
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